What should I do if my MP3 media player is not responding even if I press any button or have it charged?

Category : Setup / Operation

1. MP3 and USB Flash drives are recognized as removable disks on the computer. To avoid data loss and firmware damage due to abnormal disconnect, please properly eject your device before removing from the computer.

2. You can press the Reset button for about 3 seconds to restore to its default states. This action WILL not delete any data stored in your MP3. Reconnect your device to the computer or to a power adapter to see if it can be turned on.

If the problem still exists, please go to Transcend Download Center (Here) to download the latest version of firmware. Follow the instructions to upgrade your media player.

Please note that upgrading firmware will DELETE all the files in your MP3 player. Please backup your files first before upgrading the firmware.

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